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News and research on vitiligo | Vitiligine: Sintomi, Terapia e Cura

News and research on vitiligo

The latest innovation in the treatment of vitiligo is therapy with the BIOSKIN EVOLUTION® method. Scientific research on vitiligo has demonstrated that microphototherapy can replace the medical treatment used so far with corticosteroid drugs and high doses of ultraviolet A and B rays.

Massive doses of drugs for long periods are contraindicated in everyone but in particular in individuals with conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, gastric ulcers, in whom this type of treatment contributes to worsening the concomitant condition. Furthermore, an excess of ultraviolet rays can lead to premature ageing of the skin and even to much more serious and dangerous disorders such as melanoma.

The BIOSKIN EVOLUTION® method represents a solution to the problem of vitiligo in at least 72% of cases and does not have side effects. Furthermore, it is an easy and convenient treatment for the patient to follow.

Research in the field of vitiligo shows that a cycle of therapy with BIOSKIN EVOLUTION®, consisting of a treatment session every 20 days for about 1 year, can lead to a gradual and uniform re-pigmentation of the skin in the areas affected by the typical white patches of vitiligo.

BIOSKIN EVOLUTION® treatment is based on the latest generation of cold-light microphototherapy without requiring the patient to take drugs and without having adverse effects, but above all with the possibility of directing the light beam directly at the area affected by vitiligo and not to other parts of the body. Furthermore, the method is completely painless.

This treatment can also be used in delicate areas, such as the genitals, eyelids and breasts. Personalised treatment can be planned for each area to be treated in each individual.

BIOSKIN EVOLUTION® is different from other systems proposed as using similar technology and therapeutic effects because it is not commercially available. In Italy, you can only be treated with the BIOSKIN EVOLUTION® method by telephoning the free number: 800 553979.