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Cold-light microphototherapy | Vitiligine: Sintomi, Terapia e Cura

Cold-light microphototherapy

The phototherapy techniques currently used have the disadvantage of treating the whole surface area of the body, even when the zones affected constitute only a small proportion of the whole skin.

Being able to treat exclusively the affected areas has many advantages:

  • it reduces the total dose of exposure of the person to ultraviolet B rays in proportion to the area of skin involved, greatly decreasing the risk of developing skin cancers of both melanocytic type and other types;
  • it does not increase the difference in colour between the healthy skin and the diseased skin. In fact, with the usual phototherapy techniques, the skin surrounding a white patch becomes increasingly pigmented, thus increasing the visibility of the patches and the disturbance that they cause;
  • it allows the intensity and total amount of ultraviolet B radiation to be adapted according to the part of the body being treated. For example, the hands are notorious for needing much more ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation than the eyelids.

The new technique of phototherapy of vitiligo called BIOSKIN EVOLUTION®

Microphototherapy is carried out using computerised equipment, capable of stimulating skin affected by vitiligo with well-defined doses of a particular cold light, excluding the areas of skin not affected.