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The importance of camouflage | Vitiligine: Sintomi, Terapia e Cura

The importance of camouflage

Vitiligo is a real social handicap for the people who are affected by it. The unsightly patches can be so evident as to provoke curiosity or reactions in other people, limiting social relations and making sufferers shy, distressed or anxious, gradually changing their way of living, habits and interpersonal relationships.

Although dermatologists are predominantly oriented towards the diagnosis and treatment of lesions, they also have to deal with the problem of the aesthetic damage caused by vitiligo, which sometimes has devastating psychological consequences in people with this condition.

It may, therefore, be necessary to use camouflage during treatment, since this can be a valuable help for people who suffer from a lack of skin pigmentation: correct application of specifically designed products can provide a natural colour that can be intensified as desired and that lasts various days, is not altered by water, rain or sweating and preserves the natural appearance of the skin.

For more than 20 years in Italy there has been a series of covering and colouring products specially designed to give a natural colour to achromic skin: depending on the case, the choices include various shades of self-tanning lotions, instant colour lotions and cover creams. There are no fixed rules or formulas that apply to everyone in the initial choice of product to use, since each individual has his or her own colour characteristics and, even on the same person, a product or colour that is perfect on the neck may not be suitable for the hands or back.

Cover creams are coloured creams with various base shades whose covering effect is guaranteed by iron oxide and titanium dioxide, bee’s wax and other substances that do not evaporate, which provide good adherence of the product to the skin.

The best colour is chosen (preferably not under artificial light) from the range available and the cream is applied with the fingertips (for small blemishes) or with a slightly dampened sponge (for large areas) to the area to be covered, fading away for about 1-2 cm around it. These creams do not form a thick layer, but a delicate film and are rendered water-proof by application of a special fixative powder and spray, which leaves the skin with a very natural, summery, polished appearance.

There is a special remover to clean the skin, since it is very difficult to remove these products with soap and water.

The self-tanning lotions or creams specifically designed for vitiligo colour achromic skin immediately. The colour can be intensified as required and reflects the tone of the skin to which it is applied. The fake tan that is obtained lasts for several days and is resistant to washing, swimming and the rain, and does not soil clothes or bed linen.

The application technique is crucial also in this case in order to obtain a practically perfect result.

Camouflage is an important aid to resolving problems which the disfiguring white patches on the skin can cause at a personal level.