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Cold-light Bioskin therapy® | Vitiligine: Sintomi, Terapia e Cura

Cold-light Bioskin therapy®


Microphototherapy is performed using the BIOSKIN® system which enables radiation of small, roundish areas (1 cm in diameter) with pulses of ultraviolet B (UVB) light well-defined by the person administering the treatment. The BIOSKIN® system has three fundamental components:

  • a UVB generator;
  • a very special fibre optic that carries the ultraviolet rays from the generator to the skin to be treated;
  • the electrical and mechanical parts that are used to vary both the intensity of the UVB radiation and for how long it is emitted.

The generator supplies radiation comprised for the most part within the spectrum of ultraviolet A and B radiation, with a series of specifically designed and created filters that only allow the passage of radiation with a wavelength peaking at 311 nm.

The fibre optic is actually an optical system made of quartz and fluids that are optically inert with respect to ultraviolet rays and, therefore, allow the passage of these rays. This would be absolutely impossible with an optical fibre made of ordinary glass.

The “electro-mechanical” components regulate the intensity and duration of the beam of light through a flow of current to the generator and the use of a mechanical shutter controlled electronically by the operator.

The features of the BIOSKIN® system enable the intensity of the radiation to be regulated in a range from 0 to 100 mW through a potentiometer. The time that the shutter remains open is, in its turn, set by the operator according to the dose to be delivered, which is established for each area to treat before starting the therapy.